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“Inclusion is not a program. Inclusion is a mindset. It is the way we treat others and the way they treat us. Inclusion is the opportunity to learn together and from one another. And we do it because it is the right thing to do. Period.”
Lisa Friedman

Our Story

Hayward Unified School District stands at the forefront of California schools, leading the movement towards ever-increasing inclusive practice in early learning settings. In July 2020, HUSD was awarded an Inclusive Early Education Expansion (IEEEP) Grant from the California Department of Education.


The goal of the IEEEP Grant is to increase the quantity and quality of inclusive practice in early learning settings. Inclusive practice is now expanded through the following funded strategies:


  • Renovated and accessible playground facilities at seven separate HUSD Early Learning sites will create additional inclusion opportunities, designating interactive outdoor spaces for students with disabilities and general education students to play and learn together.

  • Facility upgrades will be made to existing HUSD preschool classrooms to ensure each is an environment that is most conducive to inclusive practice.

  • New Sensory Room space at one PK-5 school site offering a variety of program types will create additional inclusion opportunities, designating interactive indoor spaces for students with disabilities and students in general education settings to play and learn together.

  • One fully inclusive preschool classroom will be added to Hayward USD offerings, located at a neighborhood school site.

  • Advise in the development of a new PK-K inclusive playground which has resulted in district-wide adoption standards for all new PK-K playgrounds.

  • Adaptive Equipment is purchased ensuring each classroom is prepared to best support all children. 

  • Professional Development opportunities are offered to all team members working with preschool aged children in HUSD including our teaching staff, specialists, administrators, family engagement specialists, community partners . Full awareness of inclusion opportunities and benefits will allow these professionals to best serve children as well as guide families as they make preschool decisions.

  • A full-time Professional Development TOSA- “Preschool Inclusion Coach” leads embedded professional development and support all aspects of project implementation within classrooms, including working directly with partners and internal staff responsible for enrolling students into the preschool program and supporting classroom teachers to support inclusion.


Community Partners Included in Grant:


  • YMCA of the East Bay Early Head Start and Head Start

  • UCSF Benioff SPARK Program

  • EveryChild California

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