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The Inclusion Community

This page is designed to support you with resources and inspiration by exploring inclusion communities beyond our own*. 

Defining Foundations of Inclusion

Inclusive Playgrounds

Mia's Dream Come True Playground

The Vasquez’s story is one of courage and strength. Mia Vasquez, age 10, was born with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. In 2016, the Vasquez family approached the Hayward Area Rec District with a playground sketch and a gift from Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area.

Harper's Playground

Harper’s Playground wants everybody to play! Play is vital to being human. It’s how we learn and grow. Play strengthens our bodies and minds, it teaches us how to communicate and solve problems.

Inclusive play areas  also allow adults of varying  ages and abilities to actively engage with the children in their care. The playground can become a truly multi-generational gathering space.

Exploring Resources

Inclusion Works!

Inclusion Works!, a California Department of Education publication designed to provide guidance on proven strategies that promote belonging and inclusion for all children, has an updated second edition.

SIP Preschool Resources

Presented here are vetted resources to support each and every LEA in their own efforts to innovate, include, and impact.

State Examples of Inclusion Programs

Visit the link below and review models demonstrated by a number of states that have designed their own guidance and support systems to grow inclusive practices. 

Center for Inclusive Child Care

We envision a society in which all children have opportunities for successful inclusion in community settings and parents and professionals have access to resources that support each child’s optimal development.

*This page is designed to be an inspirational resource, content may not reflect the policies or opinions of HUSD and is not a substitute for approved courses

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